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I am a divorced woman aged 57, gardener, and I have about 60 regular customers, a few hours only 1 week, about 1 hour every two weeks and a couple of hours, but varies. One of my clients is 74 years old lady Mrs. W and is a widow for four years, I do all the garden, which may in lawn every week during the summer and once a month to cut many of the borders cover, grass and weeds, I was all morning. This time last year I was doing my wife first month of the season, I cut the coverage as always and then I went for coffee and chatting away as usual, if, if I were 20 years younger I invited the young window cleaner, fits very well said, I smiled, I said, I'm not kidding. I was a little younger in my day, and I was not loyal to George either, but in the past have not had sex in 6 years, since George was ill and died. Or drink my coffee and went out to mow the lawn, then I have grass and began to dig out Mrs. borders and said : W tHere are some plants in the greenhouse, you can plant in it for me please. After it was made ​​payable to the house and have a drink with her ​​this time a cup of tea. Mrs W told me a story about the youngleafs man who knew and came in great detail, until he had drunk the tea, which had an erection when I got off the table, noticed my bulge and Mrs W came to me there was a sense before making my pants undone. I was surprised, but also enjoys the attention. His age has not bothered me is why my wife left me because youngleafs he heard that youngleafs he was fucking one of my other clients. I Stepto of my pants and took me to his room, closing the back door on our way. She plays with cock time and put my hand under her skirt, pants, a few minutes later I said a little dry, but soon ordered to take care of themselves. I pulled down her panties and pussy was a thick gray-brown, I took her and my surprisesis, it was not youngleafs too dry, and Mrs W had a couple of small orgasms before I was ready, said he was going to cum and started drawing, she told me to stop and fill it for a long time , I thought I could never be another sticky hot cum cock matter to me. We kissed and clean, and I said thank you, Mrs W said that it is I who should thank you. Still I have 4 hours of work per month in the garden of the woman was paying me and I shit and I fucked her youngleafs every month since then. I have even shave, to take her pussy for the first time in this old youngleafs female in heat.
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